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 John Wesley 1703-2003   300th Anniversary of the Birth of John Wesley




John Wesley:
Holiness of Heart and Life
Wesley College is named after John Wesley.



John Wesley

 John Wesley, is the founder of a movement known as Methodism. During his lifetime, which spanned almost the entire 18th century (1703-1791), Wesley dedicated his well-ordered intellect, self-discipline and high energy to intense religious activity aimed at renewing the Church of England.

   A man far ahead of his time in his thinking, Wesley acts on the conviction that the Gospel is for the whole person and the whole human race, a vision that resulted in the founding of dispensaires for the sick, homes for orphans, schools for persons who were poor, visiting prisoners, opposing slavery, and publishing numerous materials, enough to make a full bookshelf today (and more).

   Wesley traveled over 250,000 miles in his lifetime as he spread the Gospel. The influence of his persuasive preaching and organizational abilities lead to the creation of Methodist bands, classes, and societies in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the American colonies. The United Methodist Church is one of the denominations which is part of the legacy of John Wesley.                                                                                                (From )

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